Christina McNally


Christina McNally


Christina is the Paralegal and Office Administrator of First Law Strategy Group, LLC. Christina assists the team throughout each phase of a file, from inception through settlement or trial. In addition to her role as a Paralegal, she is responsible for performing all duties related to the day-to-day operations of the Firm. This includes communication with vendors, keeping accounting records, and maintaining compliance with state and federal business laws.

Christina began her career in the legal profession at the age of 16. After school, she would travel from her High School (Little Flower Catholic High School in Hunting Park) to a personal injury law firm in Center City, Philadelphia, helping them to organize their files and hand-deliver their court filings (this was before the time of electronic filing). Soon thereafter, her role transitioned, and she began working more directly with clients and their cases. In 2007, a friend recommended Christina for a newly opened position in her firm with David Senoff. Within weeks, Christina began working with David and has worked with him over the last 13 years.

Christina is organized, and a stickler for the rules, which comes in handy when preparing a filing.

Christina currently lives in South Jersey, though pines for the day she can move back to her beloved City.

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