Pennsylvania Election Law

“EVERY ELECTION MATTERS. Anyone that tells you otherwise doesn’t understand politics. That said, not every election sends sweeping messages that are easy to discern, but EVERY ELECTION PROVIDES LESSONS WORTH LEARNING.” – Chuck Todd

One of First Law Strategy Group’s focuses is campaign and election law problem solving, consulting and if necessary, litigation. In this field we counsel candidates, candidate committees, political parties, businesses (non-profit and for-profit), and political action committees regarding election law, political law, campaign finance compliance.

What exactly is campaign and election law?

Running for office, and supporting those who are running for office, is a complicated intersection of Pennsylvania state, federal, and local election codes and campaign finance laws. Further, once an individual is elected, these same laws also regulate how the elected official can behave, be influenced or supported.

At FLSG, our job is to assist and consult in navigating this often confusing legal and ethical morass, to guide our clients throughout the political process in the following ways:

  • Advising on federal, state, and local campaign finance law: we represent candidates and political entities which seek to influence the political process, and we also advise on the creation of new entities which seek to impact the political process (such as political action committees, 501(c)(4) nonprofit entities, and SuperPACs);
  • Advising tax-exempt organizations on federal, state, and local law regarding lobbying and gifts requirements;
  • Representing clients in litigation regarding their ballot issues, and appearing before the Federal Election Commission, State Ethics Commission, Pennsylvania Department of State, and City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics.
  • FLSG has represented candidates for office in every branch of state and local government in addition to United States Congressional candidates. This representation has included at times, representation of the candidate individually or, at times, representation of the candidate’s committee.

If you are an individual thinking of running for political office, a current political official, or a proposed or current organization seeking to support such a candidate, please contact us to discuss whatever your needs may be.