Appellate Advocacy

“Writing is thinking. TO WRITE WELL IS TO THINK CLEARLY. That’s why it’s so hard.” – David McCullough (Pulitzer-prize winning author of Truman and John Adams)

At First Law Strategy Group, we understand that for any writing to be convincing it must first be clear. The combination of clarity of thought together with clarity of writing leads to persuasive written arguments. Yet that alone is not enough. Clarity and persuasion may be the hallmark of “good” legal writing, but without one other ingredient, “fascination,” a “good” brief is merely described as “satisfactory” or “workmanlike.” In contrast, a clearly written, well-thought-out “fascinating” brief elevates your case and your writing beyond the mere “hum-drum” to something extraordinary.

FLSG strives to bring extraordinary writing and briefing to even those cases which are seemingly mundane or tedious. We strive for this because we know that every case in which we are asked to participate is the most important (and often the only) case for that client. And so, we approach every motion, every brief, and every memorandum with the same strategy: how can we write a fascinating and extraordinary brief for our client that will have the additional virtue of adding value to that client’s most important case.

FLSG believes that good writing and appellate advocacy should not be a luxury item, available to only a select few; rather, it is a necessity and should be available to all. As such, FLSG consults and helps write extraordinary motions, briefs and memoranda at all court levels. By filing motions (both pre-trial and during trial) to preserve and clarify issues, FLSG lays the groundwork for a successful appeal in the trial court. In that way, FLSG helps to create value for its clients from the outset. If an appeal is unavoidable, the case and the client will be properly positioned to put their best, most persuasive foot forward on appeal. More importantly, FLSG assists clients in the trial court, so that an appeal is less likely.

At FLSG, we provide the following services at all court levels, trial or appellate:

  • Research support for briefs, memoranda and motions;
  • Writing or collaborating on briefs, memoranda and motions;
  • Oral Argument;
  • Amicus Briefs; and
  • Appellate consulting to help you and your client make an informed decision about whether to even consider an appeal.

FLSG prides itself on our track record of producing clear, concise and fascinating briefs. We also have practiced and argued in all of the Pennsylvania state courts, and in Florida, New York, Arizona, Oregon, and Illinois state courts. In addition, we have also argued successfully in every federal District Court in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the Northern District of California, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. We have also appeared on briefs in The Supreme Court of the United States.

FLSG knows that judges are governed by precedent, and we know what that precedent is, and we know how to make that precedent interesting for judges to read. In other words, we understand our audience.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and how FLSG can add value to your cases or causes.